The electorate of Mirrabooka is in the East Metropolitan Region and includes parts of the Cities of Stirling and Wanneroo.

Comprising all of the localities of Balga, Girrawheen, Koondoola, Marangaroo and Mirrabooka and parts of Dianella.

The electorate currently comprises 47,683 people (2019). The dominant cultural groups in Mirrabooka include English, Australian, Vietnamese, Irish and Burmese peoples.
Source: Western Australia Parliamentary library. 2016 Census Results Mirrabooka (2021).

Mirrabooka is an Aboriginal word for the Southern Cross constellation. The name was proposed by the State government in 1954 for a large tract of land to be developed for public housing. It was named the "Mirrabooka Project", but the area now known as Mirrabooka was only named as a suburb in 1980.
(Source: Western Australia. Department of Land Administration. Names and Places.)